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Noir3.Energy is a renewable energy project development & consulting firm. We specialize in offering turn key project solutions to large corporations, commercial & multi-tenant real estate developers interested in, transitioning  or undertaking a shift to a more renewable, resilient and responsible path.

By intimately understanding our client’s goals in distributed energy, energy storage and financial markets we work as an extension of their team to coordinate all aspects of communication, scheduling, applicable incentives, procurement, finance & tax options to help our client achieve the greatest impact from their initiatives.

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Noir3 is built on a backbone of trust and transparency. We are your partner and work directly with your team every step of the way, from developing a custom proposal to implementing the best solution that delivers extraordinary results.

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At Noir3, our specialties are the commercial, industrial, multifamily and single-family residential rental spaces and our processes are seamless, advising your team across every step of the financial analysis and phase of your project.


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“This global existential threat is not something that’s going to be solved by a smattering of elite mega-corporations, I think that paradigm must be smashed in favor of innovation by a broad set of new companies”

Robert Downey Jr.

Founder, Footprint Coalition, Forbes Jan 27, 2021

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At Noir3, our mission is to intimately understand our client’s goals and bring our long-standing expertise on distributed energy options, overall distributed energy system design, tax and financing structures.


Client Services

Integrated Solar Roof (ISR)

Noir3’s proprietary Integrated Solar Roof turns a traditional capital expense into a profit generating asset. ISR is uniquely designed to integrate the solar array into the roofing system itself. This seamless integration reclassifies a significant portion of a commercial roof as “energy property” and thereby qualify it for the 26% ITC (Investment Tax Credit) and MACRS accelerated depreciation. By being able to reclassify the roof in this manner, building owners can drastically decrease or eliminate the additional cost of solar.

N3PC – Owners Agent Program

Noir3 is here to maximize your distributed energy projects financial returns and ESG impact. Commercial & multi-tenant real estate development is a continually evolving industry where geographic markets, energy markets, financial markets, tax policies, building code, public opinion and new technology often dictate decision making. Leveraging N3’s decades of experience and vast network of channel partners crates a one stop shop for your energy needs.  Our staff supplements internal management in forming key decisions from determining initial project scope though construction management to final commissioning.

Technical Due Diligence

When investing in distributed generation project, Noir3 offers independent engineering  and financial analysis to help developers, investors and asset managers review a solar or energy storage project’s design, equipment choices, permitting, prevailing utility rates, utility standards, and other requirements. With N3’s technical and financial due diligence, solar and storage investors, asset managers, and owners receive an independent assessment of a project’s long-term technical and financial risks and profitability.

Independent Engineering Review

Noir3 offers independent engineering review (IER) services for distributed generation, solar and ESS projects. Our team will conduct an in depth arms- length inspection and analysis of projects in any phase of construction.  Our comprehensive, nonbiased review highlights any potential permitting, design, construction, performance or O&M issues or deficiencies. Noir3 ensures clients are delivered best in class energy solution every time.

Commissioning and Re-Commissioning

Noir3’s Cx and RCx programs for solar and storage commissioning process is a on-site field inspection and acceptance process, insuring the system is safe, built to code and is operating at peak performance.  Solar and storage facilities are great assets, but only if they are maintained and operated correctly. Periodic Recommissioning of energy assets provide the peace of mind that the systems are operating safe, reliable and preforming to key financial milestones.

VPP (Virtual Power Plant)

A market-proven renewable energy + storage program. It’s available at no upfront cost* to qualified real estate investors and property owners who participate in the Virtual Power Plant Development Program for residential and commercial properties across the U.S. The VPP delivers NOI at no cost for owners, sustainability and resiliency for tenants, and energy services to local grid operators that enable a more renewable and reliable energy future for everyone.

What our clients say

“I have worked with the team at Noir3 for more than 10 years and in my opinion there is not a better group  that understands all aspects of solar, storage and everything else that comes along with it.”

“Noir3 has been a pleasure to work with. Their market expertise and technical capabilities have helped to build substantial new VPP project opportunities for sonnen.”

“The Noir3 team specializes in solving the seemingly unsolvable. Paired with their passion for consistently delivering on their commitments makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a partner to navigate the rapidly evolving world of energy and resiliency.”

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with NoiR3 on our project. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, but they are creative problem-solvers when it comes to design, execution, cost, and financing. Their creativity, experience, professionalism, and persistence are the valuable qualities that can help bring any idea from concept to reality.”

“The Noir3 team brings a unique blend of creativity, integrity, project finance and engineering expertise to all engagements – making them a truly differentiated partner that we are proud to collaborate with for many years to come.”

“While working to help cities navigate the energy transition, I found in Noir3 a partner that is aligned in the same effort and provides solid experience.”

“I can always count on the team at noIR3 to provide sound advice borne of real world examples.”

“Noir3’s multifaceted expertise is the perfect bridge between energy and real-estate. Every real-estate developer should be working with Noir3 to increase their property value, while decreasing their carbon footprint.”


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ISR – National Portfolio

ISR – National Portfolio

ISR – Texas

ISR – Azle TX

ISR – Cincinnati OH

ISR – Columbus OH

ISR – Dayton OH

ISR – Kingston NY

ISR – Kingston NY

ISR – Indianapolis Indiana

Dual Axis Tracker

ISR – Bethesda MD

ISR – Anaheim CA

ISR – Salinas CA

ISR – Salinas CA

ISR – Turlock CA

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ISR – Watsonville CA

Solar Canopy – Quebec CAN

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